An international award winning advertising photographer + an award winning creative designer + happily married + crazy in love + 4 little ones + 2 pussy cats + creative soul mates = making dreams come true.

We have both spent our careers making global brands shine, capturing celebrities and making them look great, visualising concepts and making the unreal real, and seen beauty where others see ordinary.

Simon is a respected, award winning, advertising photographer, who is represented around the world. He has had the pleasure of photographing many celebrities from the world of sport and fashion, has also appeared as a guest photographer, aslongside Zandra Rhodes, in the hit TV series Britain's Next Top Model.


So why weddings? First and foremost, because we want to spend more time together doing what we enjoy.... and because weddings are a time when happiness is unbound, emotions are free, worries are no where to be seen, and people are at their most real. This is where real magic happens! 

Sharing some of the most special moments of peoples lives is a honour, and one we hold very special. Our dream is to give you something that you will spend the rest of your life looking back on and feeling like every single second was only yesterday. We want to give you what we would want ourselves, and our standards are high.  

Our aim is to capture the most special moments of your life together, and let you relive them moment by moment, for the rest of your lives. 

with all our love

Si & Jo